Writing, music and art in the service of resistance and the affirmation of Black people

Wednesday March 27 6:30 p.m. Café Baobab 1551 rue Dunant- Sherbrooke


The objective of this conference is to study the resistance of black populations to oppression from a historical perspective. More precisely, we will see how intellectuals, artists and musicians have contributed significantly to the fight against denials, prejudices, racism and the oppression of which black Africans or people of African descent are victims. This resistance does not only affect activism and engagement in situations of oppression. It will be a question of analyzing and understanding the mobilization, which since the beginning, has led to an awareness and a struggle for the restoration of the richness and originality of African and black civilizations. The public will thus be able to see that the writing, music and art have espoused the different struggles led by black populations in the defense of their history and their civilizations.