Founded in 2020 in Sherbrooke, BlackEstrie, a non-profit organization, is passionately committed to promoting Black culture in the Eastern Townships region.

Our mission is based on four essential pillars that guide everything we do and define our commitment to achieving our goals.

These four elements form the foundation on which we build our vision and guide our efforts to create meaningful and lasting impact.

To highlight the richness and diversity of Black culture through various artistic and educational forms.

BlackEstrie strives to create a space where everyone is not only welcomed but celebrated. Our socio-cultural activities are designed to be inclusive, encourage sharing, learning and intercultural reconcilliation.

As an active contributor to the host society, we seek to build strong and positive connections. BlackEstrie wants to be a catalyst for mutual understanding, thus promoting harmonious coexistence.

We work diligently to change perceptions and break down stereotypes associated with Black culture, fostering a more authentic and informed vision.